Friday, April 4, 2014

Mourning Innocence

Cloaked in ebony

Fingers locked in fingers
Intertwined like my story
In an ever-flowing river

The stars; they hid their face
The clouds darkened ever still
As I stumbled and fumbled
Wishing my way by fiery will

Mourning my dear young one
Not chafed or scarred by ruins;
Not acquainted with the sorrows of tomorrow's

That gather at the evening well..
Yesterday has killed her,
Sparkling eyes and all..
Not a gist of her remains

Her spark has faded in the whipping wind
When her sentinel faltered,
Fallen at the fate of distraction;
The enemy stormed in
Determined for blood
and victory to win.

He took her in his grasp,
In a flash torn from me..
Enrobed in ebony I stand
Until the stars shine forth again
Fingers locked in fingers
Prayer is all that's left of me
Forevermore Alone I roam
Until He brings her home to me.

Monday, March 31, 2014


It’s everything, and nothing
the vast emptiness of void
knowing potential is in reach,
inches that feel like miles
stretching forever and yonder
circling me in wonder
like vultures after meat.
The need is neverending
to turn over every stone
and walk every path unwalked
even if I trek alone
the pace follows my heartbeat
ever faster ever leaping
enchantment of unknowns
taunting me ever so gently
in a forward always race
don’t look back , and settle down never.
for the link and bond to adventure
I wouldn’t dream to sever.
pushing the limits, I am pleased
never dawdling longer than necessary
just a glimpse, just a taste, just a tease
won’t be long before I grow wary.
and then I will be off again,
galloping through emptiness and void,
it clamors, my heart;
 for new and untraveled
and my feet endlessly covet,
roads and narrow dirt paths and gravel
it’s everything and nothing
the beauty of vast emptiness and void


Sinking, empty drowning
Two halves of me battling within
Tearing each other to shreds
Wondering I lie- whom will win?

The hour of misery approaches,
The agony of the unknown broaches;
The salt upon my cheeks solidifies
I’m turning to stone as the reassurance dies

Two facets of me are fighting-
Waging war through vile strategy
Each taxing emotions, peace and rest
Absorbing all but stoic apathy

One half of me is dying
Surrendering to absolute collapse of light
Reversal is futile; repair a lost cause
As death looms forward in the depth of the night

Apathy induces mourning;
Drowning in wordless dread
The curtains of my life solemnly closing

As I lie, still and motionless, on my deathbed

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Story of Old

Shimmering amber gems
Not well acquainted with the valleys
Through soft petals of velvet
Awakening primitive dreams
She believes, she daftly believes
That something old and crooked
Can align, wherefore, to something true

Those shallow eyes lack a seasoned soul
In the sunrise, her ideals are conjured
To dance to a farce of a life
Despite the monsters of the dark
Monsters of ravaged wisdom that tear
At her dreams all day
She stops, she hopes, she listens
Tracing archaic paths of yore
That failed novices before her evermore

Eyes full of sage weigh upon her, disappointed
Lost in surreptitious mirages only a novice would believe
A voice she hears only selectively, on the whim of a wind
For its warnings and admonishing are much too bitter to bear
She has traveled at the end of the string
And the days of warm familiarity are suddenly over;
A brash and whipping chill surrounds her soul
There is no path over the cliff
There are no signs, no omens, or advice in the abyss..

Shimmering amber gems they once were
Spilling over with enlightenment and passion
In its place, now: dark and brooding stones
Weighing heavy on her face, mourning misguided steps of the past
The storm carries on without respite
No sunlight to beckon, no night to cease fire
Yet the story of old forever plays, proven and tired.

Friday, August 2, 2013



my life is a riddle
that I have yet to unravel
an enigma of sorts
here and there, along the gravel

be yourself, they say
everyone else is taken.
but when I am armed with the courage,
when I am bold for my values
when I have strong held my ideals
then they have scoffed.

then they glare at me surreptitiously
there they eagerly dress me with scorn
I can never win I guess
victory was not my calling.
and every day from now til the end
is just another moment stalling.

the world inside my head is a-whirling
with all thoughts and reasonings twirling
I am never to be one of them,
it was written.
always longing for the solace in words
in company, in comfort..
but exiled to loneliness and
outcast in every season, all the same.

a fact of life,
whether out of spite or out of mockery
in a lame lost joke now forgotten..

and the truth is I couldn’t fake it,
not even at my best attempt
for love and kindness is a gift god-sent.
and my smile could never be cruel to those whom it’s lent;
and my words never insincere to those in whom I revel..
so if my warmth is my demise
if they fulfill my darkest fear
and well; this is just my surmise-

may I forever be from their company exempt.

The Tree

Such a sight to the eyes
grand majestic tree, standing tall
it would shock and stun them all
to see you one day fall

for you are strong, no? you are bold
you are set in your width,
you are stone, you are cold..

your branches reach the sky
in elegantly poised fingers
your aroma of self fulfillment
enriches the air, and there it lingers

but little do they know,
and never could they see
that the vacuum in your heart
makes you as hollow as can be
yes, with mold and fungi crawling,
you are but a rotting tree.

standing so erect, leaves shining bright
is all but a fa├žade; a trick of simple light
what else can I compare you to?
a lost-soul magician?
with cheap tricks and quick hands
entirely masks his poor condition.

I pity you, tree..
for you are never fully content
pull a rabbit out of a hat,
(yes you are god’s gift heaven-sent)
but you can’t pull your heart out of the hole
you will never find the light,
like a ground-condemned mole..

You have enchanted your lot of mindless folk,
mouths agape, will surrendered
you have them secured in your power;
yet you retract your shade and smite
to those who don’t in your light and presence cower

You may have fooled them true;
if only for a season.
But rotting tree; I tell you this,
all happens for a reason.
your time is ebbing sure, like
dunes in a desert storm..
trapped in a world where fall gives way to winter
and the winds will whip your soul,
crashing down your poised branches
and when winter settles in,
your peace will be its toll


Thursday, May 9, 2013


the mind is a cruel place
inhabited by carnivores and beasts
eager to tear to shreds innocence and bliss
until all light of hope does cease

the catalyst to pull the trigger
is never notwithstanding, always fueled
ready to assemble an arsenal of doubt
exposing the games of the fooled

alas! the bravery takes hold,
if only for a raw and decisive flash;
and then just as sudden,
the clarity vanishes into air as ash..

the heart is  a treacherous thing,
for moments later it comes bombarding..
playing instruments out of tune
and a story of misery hardening.

as two giants, these two battle-
neither relenting, nor backing down
leaving behind an array of fragments;
memories  fallen from heaven to ground.

at last the war is subsiding,
every side admitting defeat-
for in a sequence of wrath and light
there’s no victory, filing and sweet.

only remains lay strewn,
and only illusions left un-mended;
just a scar hitherto, a wound under the surface
confirmation of truth
of what has all but bitterly ended..