Friday, April 4, 2014

Mourning Innocence

Cloaked in ebony

Fingers locked in fingers
Intertwined like my story
In an ever-flowing river

The stars; they hid their face
The clouds darkened ever still
As I stumbled and fumbled
Wishing my way by fiery will

Mourning my dear young one
Not chafed or scarred by ruins;
Not acquainted with the sorrows of tomorrow's

That gather at the evening well..
Yesterday has killed her,
Sparkling eyes and all..
Not a gist of her remains

Her spark has faded in the whipping wind
When her sentinel faltered,
Fallen at the fate of distraction;
The enemy stormed in
Determined for blood
and victory to win.

He took her in his grasp,
In a flash torn from me..
Enrobed in ebony I stand
Until the stars shine forth again
Fingers locked in fingers
Prayer is all that's left of me
Forevermore Alone I roam
Until He brings her home to me.

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